Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wall Street Journal Looks at Home Care Aide Crisis

Readers know that the shortage of in-home workers and elders’ vulnerability to abuse by criminal caregivers has long been a concern of mine. So I was delighted with Phil Shiskin’s in-depth article on the subject that appeared in today’s Wall Street Journal. It focuses on California and mentions Napa's effort to develop a local screening program. Check it out at Caregiver Abuse.

For more on the topic and some of the initiatives cited in the article, see the Elder Abuse By Paid Caregivers page of my Web site.

Friday, July 04, 2008

More on Identify Theft

Just wanted to let readers know that I’ve posted a new page on my Web site on ID theft against the elderly. It's in the Learn About Elder Abuse section. Highlights include:

Researchers disagree about who the culprits are: techies who hack or acquaintances who steal IDs the old fashioned way. Are corporate interests at play here?

The American Bar Association is urging legal aid attorneys to help ID theft victims.

“Combo crimes” involving thieves who use stolen identities to steal homes appear to be on the rise.

Other additions to the site include “Blog Brousing,” summaries and links to past postings, for your summer reading enjoyment.